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Home Turf part 1

Gray started loading his stuff into his truck after a minute or two, CAL chimed back in “ SIR there's a message for you on this and there's is a memory program as well …. Would you like to play the message ?”
“ yes CAL ..” said Gray

Gray ducked back into the house just as loud beeping sound and a voice said.
“ Gray… if this is you please go to my room.” said the voice
Gray looked around the main hall way for a person or stereo and the voice shot out again.
“I get that you're confused but we don't have the time please go to my room,it’s the third door down from the front door, Please hurry .” spoke the voice

Gray looked at his arm “ CAL is that the recording or did something take over your programming?”
CAL responded “ i don’t see any intrusive programs but there does seem to be something running that i can’t identify. I guess we should follow what he wants.”
Gray nodded and walked to the third room and entered.

The room was filled computer parts old clothes and was just a mess Looking like someone had move stuff looking for something.
As gray was thinking why he was following a strange voice a hologram digitized into center of the room a young man wearing green pants and very odd looking vest fill the center of the room.
“hello Gray .. you might know me but all the same I'm Shilo Parker, and if this program is active mean I've passed on without passing on information.” spoke shilo
Gray walked around the hologram wondering how it was turning and smiling at him “CAL can you analyze this program?”
The hologram spoke “no need brother this program is running a predictive algorithm bordering on A.I. programming believe me it took along time to make but I'm very proud of it… but onto why we're here , someone in UEA be snooping into dad old research looking for something call zephyr … I guess you could say I did goofed up and pulled all the files and hid them some of them inside this program and the rest I gave to trusted family member… if I'm gone she in big trouble, please brother find her and save her..”

The hologram changed and a young girl no more than 15 or 16 long brown hair and wear similar vest took the place of shilo this picture was different it being a flat image with the name Sara Dugan
the voice of Shilo came back “I need to have your command access code to active her tracker please confirm.”
Gray looked at Cal’s sprite “any problems with this cal?”
“ a few minor but nothing that would be fixable with little computation time. Let me scan it again sir” CAL sprite dimmed as he re check the holo program
“the program is secured for now I will say your brother was one smart kid… see no reason you couldn't use your administrator code, it is for good of the settlement .”
Gray sighed “ ok Shilo you ready ?”
Shilo hologram nodded
“Administrator Gray Spyder access code , Victor, lima,Bravo, 4,1,1, George, Ida, Nora, Nora, Ida, Nora ,George, Susan”
Shilo hologram flickered and a new folder appear along with active GPS location of Sara on Gray's scanner display.

Shilo voice rung out again “ I'm sorry brother I wish I could have known you better, the tribe is all I had but if I had one wish it would be to share my memories with you the good and bad and the long line of awesome tribe traditions. with that said this program was created by having my brain scanned to better give you answers I think it saved most of my memories please pass them on if you can…good bye brother I will miss you… until we meet again… farewell..Two feather.”
The hologram light left the room making to dark the soft tears of Gray glistened in Cal’s sprite light

After min or so Cal spoke “Sir might I say something?”
“yes CAL what is it?” gray said softly
The hologram of shilo reappeared but Cal’s voice spoke “ you know sir I’ve been studied this hologram and the coding for this hologram is very odd somehow he planted these zephyr file into the holo image it self, very clever indeed only a computer genius or an AI would catch it … let me re set holo files to the right format and start uncompressing it shouldn't take long.”
Gray look at the hologram of his brother , and gesture his metal hand to his face as to try and touch it..
“Sir he must have know this was going happen or he wouldn't have made this… I know it's not going help much but he choose this way and if you hurry we can help this Sara dugan before the same thing happens to her.”said Cal
Gray turned to leave the room
“Cal can you work on the files if we leave here? And can you pull up up the profile and all current data we have Sara dugan” ask Gray
“I sure can...on both accounts.” replied Cal
“Then let's go we have very little time before we have to leave.”

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Enter the Spyder

As the sun light faded from the room leaving only the soft glow of a wrist scanner illuminate the dirty and crumbling house.
A voice came from the scanner “ sir I've compiled the report would you like to recount for your log?”
The man was slumped on a dusty chair in the middle of the room opened his eyes as if he was sleeping . “yes C.A.L. i guess i should, i might not have time later.”

“Entry log 1783 report Security code orange, Staff Sergeant administrator Gray Spyder making personal report for review .”

It started two weeks ago, around a neo primitive trading and farming settlement near old austin city zone, having been the go to admin for this settlement for most of a year, it was a welcomed change from my time in with the offices of Radical measures, my duty include security detail for this settlement/farm. a year ago the triad security forces was hit very hard by vagabonds and having just been gotten back from a medical leave i was thought it would be good to ease back into life .
Uea and triad outfitted me with the state of the art cybernetics and AI assistance C.A.L.
In the year i had made my settlement stable fighting bandits fighting and blight and restoring trade and…

“ sir i do believe you are, what do you call it “waffling on”. “ said cal
Gray looked at the soft glow of cal sprite on the screen of his scanner “ sorry cal i guess i’ll get to the point , make easier for you “
“ very good sir i can only cut and paste so much .” as the light of cal dimmed

“Continue on entry log 1783 same security coding”

As stated two weeks ago the neo primitives settlement i was admin and watching over a new squad of soldiers and proving security. Had been hit by a new set of bandits taking the settlement new shipment of food and raw materials but unlike the one’s before these guys were far too informed i sent a request for a back up team ,but only got defend the line order
A day after i sent in the request the Bandits kidnap a few of the villagers. i formed a rescue team out of my security force, myself , and three others . spent three day looking for the bandit we thought we got lucky and finding the bandit hideout .
Perform a dynamic entry on the building fire fight ensued and after short time one member of my team was injured and all of the bandit force were dispatched .
All files obtained from local computer from the warehouse is attached to this report.

“Sir i feel i need to inform you that some top brass are showing up shortly” said cal
Gray looked down at his scanner embedded in his arm .
“ OK CAL thanks for the heads up” said Gray

Gray moving a few things to make more room for his guest, after moment or two. gray then got back to his report.

“OK CAL let us finish this before i have another interruption.”
cal ‘s light dimmed as Gray finished up his report

As the dust settled from the now parked truck and a tall military man dressed in a spotless uniform walks over to a run down house’s door.

Gray having finished and sent in his report and open the front door
“ good to see you Staff Sergeant .” said the tall man

Gray pop a salute “ Major.”

“ i see that you found the conspirators base of operation , cunning plan to kidnap their own tribal members to throw you off the trail.. But luckily i put two and two together and saved your bacon .” said the major

Gray gave a odd look to the major “ i guess so … never had a clue that the Parker’s were so crafty.”
“ clearly.” responded the major
The major eyes the room and turned back to gray “ i hope your head's on straight i have our next mission ready to go. As soon as you're done here .”

Gray walked over to meet with the major with a odd look on his face “ when I've done all my paperwork and notify the tribal elder of the loss , i’ll be ready to report in for “MY” new assignment. CAL do have the travel details and times ready for me?”

“ wait… why notify the anyone this is a done deal and what do you mean “your new assignment” i never sent you any new assignment or it travel details . i just got the orders myself a little while ago “ stated the major

Gray looked at the major” the customs of the tribe requires that the morning of the lost members must be done as soon as possible and in order to let soul pass from this world to the next and as for “my” assignment upper command is sending me to a far off colony i couldn’t pass it up .. it does mean i have give CAL back but we all have to give up something… problem with that ?”

The major turned away from gray “ no problem Staff Sergeant i wish you …. Luck..”
And as the major got in his truck the elder of the tribe made his way to the house

“ Elder Catori i was about to come see you… i have sad news to tell you ” said Gray

Catori smiled “ it’s ok Two feather we know ..i wanted to make sure you're ok …”

Gray walked back into the house followed by Catori. Gray sat back down on the dusty chair in the middle of the room . “i don’t know Elder i wish i was here i might have been able to have stop this killing .. but …”

The elder pulled up a chair “ The Parker’s have been apart of this tribe for very long time they will be missed … they made the hardest decision when the tribe really needed it.”

“I know they gave me up to save the tribe as they were move to the old lands, the admin at the time took me as his son , believe me i’m grateful to him for raising me and you for not spreading my secret.”said Gray

The elder laughed “ i was never very good at keep secret... your brother gave this to me to give to you when you got back ..” Catori hold up a halo-chip and continue talking “ i think he figured it out . and i never saw it as giving you up you have been and always will be tribe you just had another path that you had to take”

The two talked for hours as Catori left he hand the halo-chip over “ the tribe is moving again two feather most of us are going to the winter camp and one or two are going off world to look for new land for the tribe to call home , wherever you go my son your tribe will be there and may the great spirit guide you.” Spyder smiled as the elder walked away.

CAL light popped up “ sir mind if look at the chip.”
Gray loaded the chip into his arm port “ sure thing CAL “

Gray started loading his stuff into his truck after a minute or two CAL chimed back in “ SIR there's a message for you on this and there's is a memory program as well …. Would you like to play the message ?”

“ yes CAL ..” said Gray

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The "atv" was a wreak if was not for the wheels I wouldn't have know it was a vehicle... So I'm short I pretty sure it's not worth salvaging...
The agricultural crash drop has been prick thru pretty hard ... I did make some of it into a primitive hunting outpost...

Shilo twofeather

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Victor I want to clarify I do Have guard and weapons training... As well and scavenger and survival training and experience... Just saying...

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Believe You me I'm all for this.. But I believe at very least Gander or Kasmir should have say on who go's... Even a three man team would be in far more danger then a single experienced scout like myself ... I don't say this lightly but if I mess up outside of the colony I expected to be left behind ... The needs of the one do not out weight the need of the many... With that said I can see a group of skilled in map maker's griding out zones around the colony and each systematically searched by a team skill in reconnaissance and land survey... But if want I would behappy help out in anyway that I can..

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Shot down like the crashed agricultural drop pod three day Hike from the colony... Or like miltary style husk of a atv a day or so hike from colony.... Some advice the clickers only get meaner the further you go and a large group is more like a moving meal... Not to mention we has not seen all the native predators in these areas... I can't believe I'm say this I would advise getting hold of command and talk with them about this ... Before a large group of colonists strike out in a recon on the area... Any who best of luck I'm glad there are other looking out instead of in...

Shilo two feather
Tribal scout

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Dear, commander

I reget to inform you I will be late due to my on going scouting mission . I will be in town some time , when is unknown at this time . be asured I will be in colony soonish.

Humbly yours,
Shilo two feather tribal scout

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As shilo make his last check on his gear. He take a look around new unity watching a few people just passing by like it was just another day on earth and not medina.
But just maybe it just him that was thinking it was another day on earth ,Shilo shook his head of his wondering and turned to the future, when was he going to be back and what he would find this time.

The travel time from new unity to the crash site seemed shorter now as it used to take two day to travel it took now took a day and a half.
As shilo set up camp in the crash site it started to rain he scrambled to get rain catch working as he was knocked over by something while he was gone. The rain poured for the rest of the day.

Shilo entry 1
The site clear of hostels, I did find stuff knocked over but nothing broken, I guess I should sure up walls to keep things out before I turn in for the night... dinner should be fun being dried meat and water .. Would be nice to get tea or something …

Night one crash site
As the rain fell, shilo tossed and turned in his sleep the nightmarish visions of his tribe agonizing screams filled his head. A large crash of trees awoke shilo from his dream something was watching him.
Shilo spent the rest of the night in vigil watching and wondering what had made the crashing noise.
As the night gave way to the morning shilo worked his way from his encampment looking over where the sound came from.
Shilo entry 2
A part of the crash site fell down the hill…. I think it had help but I might have found a few items that might prove useful… I’ll report more after a breakfast and little scouting.
Day 2 crash site area
As the day when on shilo finds more things that should together but in true native luck he going to have rig it and make them work …and on top of that he spotted a herd of Tatana across the river .

Shilo report 3
So good news tatanka are on the move into the valley. Bad news I found the makings of hydroponics and if I can make a distill so I can get pure h2o and linked with the plant food I found this morning we could have a useable food source … but it will take time and if the tatanka move on I might miss my chance to hunt big game . Side note I did set my small traps for small game … grandfather words keep running thru my head... beware of laughing coyote. That all for now report back later...

The days blend into each other and before long shilo has spent a week or so rigging, hunting and filtering water, the tatanka had not moved on but the nights seem to weigh heavily on shilo.

Shilo report 4
It’s done I got hydro plants berries and red lotus to take … not all food but it what I could find and get to take , transporting should be painless just slower than normal and my still is working makes great water just got to remember not to make it my main source of h2o .
Hunting is going ok a few things shot a few things and snared small game... but it looks like the tatanka’s are going to move soon having eaten most of the grasses in the valley , man can those thing consume grass.
The passes two night I see red glowing eye in the wood nearby but it seems not to keen of fire so plus side for me I guess … I think I came up with a name for the crash camp coyote…any who turning in for the night hope the red eyes will leave me alone tonight .. But heading out first thing in the morning with all my new stuff …

Camp coyote last night

As the shilo set the fire and re checks the walls to his make shift fort he stop too wonder if his father was right by telling him he was not ready to lead the tribe all those many years ago, or if he could find the true path in this unknown world .. As if the clouds were reading his mind it started to rain.
In the middle of the rainy night another crash much closer this time as shilo sprang from his sleep the red eye’s broke thru the heavy sheet of rain more red eye’s appeared... the far wall had been broken into... shilo opened fire into what seemed to be made of mist and shadow the only thing that felt real was the burning red eyes.. As round after round makes its marks a shrill scream of pain came from the beast and a can only be deemed a cackle like sound coming from the other red eyes the encounter was over. As the first light lit the encampment shilo pack his things and head back to new unity...

Shilo report 5

Fought the red eyes couldn’t get clear look at them but I think I’m lucky to be alive... I guess when I return I need to fortify better. Good news tatanka are moving this morning and in the same direction as new unity so with a little luck I can hunt tonight... after I drop stuff off to aza …

Shilo heart was pounding with heavy load and lack of sleep he just start to laugh no punch line no real reason just loud soul fulfilling laughter.

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feather field notes
"New unity is getting to hot for me so as soon as Jael 're-up's my meds I'm heading out of town for awhile." said shilo

rest of the day was spent gathering supplies for long a trek and as mid day came and with meds in hand and enough water for a couple days stashed in the field and plenty of my own food to last me a while .. I was ready

Having trekked to old crashed site the travel was far easier to avoid dangerous creatures by myself then having to deal with a loud group. . As the seconed day sun was setting and I arrived to the old camp site from before...

"man these guys were a little messy but at least the rain catch was still collecting water . I guess I should put up armored shelter of some kind and start a fire" shilo said to himself .

The night was rough having spent most of it looking for good wood and building good walls .
. Shilo spent a few day hunt and traps small game and cooking and smoking meat, along with filtering rain water from a catch system is holding as a morning rain drops more into a drum of un-filter water .

As the noon time comes and go's i looked too the direction of new unity with mix feelings of longing and disdain.. i sigh knowing i would have go back to check back in.
That night was slow and rain fills the night sky I started packing my things so I could leave early in the morning.

As I walks back into new unity I was confronted by the enforcers wondering where I had been .and having given my normal response of hunt and trapping they suspiciously waved me on
As night came he passed smoke and cooked food to Aza and Jael and checking on his treatment

Shilo taking no real time to relax in town stock up on water and head back out early the next morning spending as Much time at crash site hunting smoking and filtering rain water.

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