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With the character reset, I think most of us will need to redo our "user names" and get our groups corrected.

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It's been a bit since I updated this thing, so I figure good time, lah.

I'm about a week out of town, and it feels good to be on the move again. The town got good people and all, but me and the travelbug got back way far, eh? Add having to explain everything to the shiners, and its just so headache.

There traces of iron vein further north, so we see we find king vein and tap that.

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Hello! My character, Kal Azami, while growing up and getting their start in the Outer Worlds, did go on to do both dock logistics and freight for the UEA. At the moment, it hasn't been a very relevant skillset, but I'm sure as we get further away from the colony being hand-to-mouth, it will matter more.

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I doubt people are so much complaining as expressing their eagerness to play with more of the mechanics and system. Based off the glimpses so far, we have only scratched the surface of what is in store for us, and I hope Matt knows it's out of our enthusiasm for what he and the rest of the Staff have come up with that drives us to pester him. :)

I trust Matt in when he says it's coming along. I imagine his statement is to address the concerns that people provided when feedback was asked for.

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If you turn off data and wifi on your phone before loading the app, would that work?

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Hello Folks, I play your friendly neighborhood Communications Officer / Logistics / Miner / General dude who does stuff, Kal Azami, Lah.

In the real world, I am known as John or "Decker" (a nickname from a while back that lingers still in many gaming circles), While a native Texan (born in Tyler), I have taken a long route here, bouncing up to Chicago-Land, then over to Denver, and finally to Austin a couple years ago.

I play in several LARPs, of different styles, as I am a fan of variety and feel that largely despite the same "media" format, they allow for practically a different game entirely. I.E. I feel each game is different and enjoy them based on their own merits.

What I love of Planetfall is the culture we have developed. While we have a small measure of silliness to occasionally break up the tension, largely it's serious and thoughtful roleplay. Everyone puts in the effort to play out their role and everyone is OG respected and respectful, regardless of what IG tensions there might be. It's part thought experiment, part social experiment, and part game.

Largely, I feel the Player Council is tasked to help preserve that culture, so we have a fertile garden in which the ideas of the Staff and the Players can grow. We have a lot of people from different walks of life and I feel that greatly contributes to our game.

I am happy to say that I feel that there are no bad choices on this ballot, it's just a question of preference of style.

Me? I'm generally an easy going guy, but I'm not afraid to rock the boat a bit if it needs it either. While I often use humor to help create a relaxed atmosphere, any concerns brought to me would be treated with respect and when it comes down it to, I'm willing to address pink elephants when they arise.

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I didn't really know what to expect going in to Medina, but it sure isn't what I was expecting. So much of it reminds me of Homeworld, but its so... wild. I still can't get over how quiet it is. No engine noise, no air filtration. It's the little things you never think of that you wind up noticing, lah.

The drop itself wasn't that bad, but apparently the order in which things were supposed to happen went gabra, and we landed before most of the gear or pre-fab did. Some other people landed maybe a week before, so they managed to build a shanty town, which I gotta say, was pretty impressive considering how little there was.

So far, I seen a few of the natives, but nothing talking yet. Some of the bugs got pretty big, especially the ones that they are calling Clickers. Something to do with the levels of oxygen here. Maybe that means we'll find something like dinosaurs here too. May if we are real lucky, we can tame them and ride them around, lah. Ain't that gonna be a story to tell grand kids one day.

Also turns out, that I ain't the only rock jockey here. Gotta a good handful of us and Admin seem intent on keeping us busy. Can't say I blame them. Until we know when we gonna get the rest of the supplies, best we think we ain't getting them.

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At our last game, there was a bunch of us "stuck" mining for a while, and several unskilled laborers were present in part to help keep us company, under the pretense of just doing grunt work like moving rocks out of the way, etc.

A few of those people were some of the Admins, and at the time, I remember thinking that's pretty cool.

Given the blend of current sociopolitical theories that I understand the UEA through however, I can't figure out if that would have been normal for UEA leadership.

I could see it under the sense that it would promote a greater Unity and some of the pro-collectivism thinking of the UEA and thus be encouraged as a regular practice to occasionally get their hands dirty with those they are in charge of, but I can also see it under as being possibly unlikely due to association with those of possibly substantially lower memetic fitness. Is there even a standard in the UEA for it or is just more like our world, were some bosses won't open the door for you, where others will roll up their sleeves and jump right in?

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I work at the airport. Expect it to be sloppy. Forecast has 60 percent chance of more rain tomorrow as well. Thankfully it will warm up to the high 50's Saturday, but it's going to be cold, wet, and miserable Friday.

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.... Executor.

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