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(Beta 4, Sunday)

I was doing research on trying to improve the filtration system. The only chance to get off of the limestone is rainwater collection, boiling/steam catching, or the algae vats. Drea has already deduced that there is no clean top water. Due to the sulfurous nature of Medina, all water sources on the planets top and underground need filtration. The algae vats are great, but are slow. There is an aquifer under our limestone deposit, but that is what we are currently pumping from and is acidic. We are NOT pumping from the marsh as was thought by most.

The filtration process also produces a sulfurous/toxic slurry as a by product. Unnoticed by all but the spire drone, we have been dumping the slurry into the marsh. The spire drone equated this to "Throwing sand onto a beach." and poses no threat. Although I could offer no insight on getting OFF of the limestone system, I was looking at improving it. I drew up a draft on a water processing plant that would free up man power and bulk produce water. See earlier sketches.

The system would be limestone hungry, but we should be producing equal to what we are now. Only one technician is required to man and maintain it. Now with the increased water volume comes an increase in the toxic slurry. We will be looking into if the slurry, when dumped in bulk, is a hazard. We will also be doing research to see if it has ANY potential use or processing capabilities. I'm currently waiting for a spire drone to finish reviewing the drafts so we can know details for constuction.
Need numbers on:

  • power reqs for water pump
  • limestone per use
  • water output per use
  • toxic output per use
  • Eco impact of slurry dumping

Ideally this will free people up to do other tasks.

A thought on a better system between resource gen and builders. I think I know a foreseeable solution, but need to know and learn a few more things before I present to Sonya.

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(Beta 3, Saturday)

Medina is a cold bitter cunt right now. All in all I would prefer to be on the Valhalla Crater. Cold piercing wind cuts through most my layers. Even now as I rest near the forge I can feel it. Had another Triad miner drop today. Eager young man who is well qualified and proficient.

A note on production. It's a pell-mell mess. Engineers go to random resource people to get supplies, work orders are not being used, I can barely keep up with my main two workers. It's maddening! I try my best to make sure they are mining things we need, but I never know who is building what, or what they already happen to have. Besides keeping them busy, I made sure to get all the supplies for 200 bullets. The whole time I was trying to get that done, I felt like I was getting in the way of the engineers and it shouldn't be that way.

A note about the council meeting. What a shambles. All Grant wanted to talk about was getting off of the limestone filtration system. Everyone literally went in vicious circles on presenting ideas, tearing them down, going off on tangents, then cycling back around. Of course I didn't have much to offer, so I just sat back and watched them go at it for a while.

An issue just now. In my process of getting materials ready for bullets, I got an engineer who wasn't busy to work the iron. Joe came over later, asking said engineer if the iron was done for the steel plates. She starting insisting that the iron he was currently working on was hers, not mine. In the end we figured out that he has already finished that load and had given it to Penney in her resource roundup. So Joe can't keep track of what is and isn't being built. Something needs to be done. More thought needs to had here.

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((Pregame journal entry for Beta 3))

Since I've dropped, I've done little else than mine. I'm trained in so many aspects of general operations, but not utilized in any of them. It doesn't help that we have more and more skilled people dropping now.

Sadly, I feel that neglect of my skills is making them rusty. I don't know if I could perfectly repair a D-23/A Hydrocutter anymore. I tried to picture what the valves or wiring paths were like and it was all hazy.

Maybe it's the air here on Medina, maybe it's lack of use, maybe it's a biological issue with my memory... who knows...

It doesn't matter much anyway, as long as the miner can mine right? Maybe in time Father will drop some actual mining equipment and I can refresh my memory. Relearn things if I have to...

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((catching up on journal entries))

A cold wet day on MUDina. Everyone and everything is in a constant state of wet and muddy. A great start for the twenty something new colonists we received today. Go ahead and expect the shittiest conditions now.

Grant and Sonya wanted to have a meeting with me today. Apparently someone went to him and told him I was hoarding. His statement exactly was "I know you have been hoarding, let me see your inventory." Thankfully, I had enough time prior to the meeting to stash on Joesph. Passed the inspection this time. Played the good tool, told him what he wanted to hear, and went on. I got my stuff back as soon as I could. We're all doing it, but I don't want him caught with all my stuff.

Told Joesph to keep his stash levels low. In case he gets inspected, he can play off having ten or so of a few things, but not ten or more platinum that he can't mine anyway.

I know Joesph wouldn't of tipped him off, but who would of? Someone getting a lucky guess? Someone else who knew for sure? the only other way someone would of known is if they read my journal... Dreya... she borrowed it for my map once... Would she of read it? I would of hoped for a little more respect out of her than that... Time will tell...

Also of note, Thomas, the security lead for Triad, came to me late to let me know I was on the hoarding list with Grant. I let him know I already dealt with that issue. He also offered to hold stuff for me if I needed him to...

Don't know how much on the level that offer was, or if I trust him. I already don't want the vowels in my bags, much less Triad...

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(catching up on my journal entries)

Per usual, new map of near resources created. Been more seismic activity than usual. We also have been receiving some transmissions about what we believe is to be an impending earthquake. Anyway, need to check on my usual worker Joesph and see what we have going.

So, new triad engineer in this last drop and they already have him working away at the forge. Well, at least he will have a chance to be social. I know he has basic mining skills, but he probably won't get a chance to use them much.

Also got another freelance miner from Mars and a triad gun, both of which are now in on our small submarket.

Second drop. I GOT A MINING RIG!!!
By Saturn's Rings what a beautiful sight! An air powered old fashioned jackhammer with a mini air compressor and tank. It can hold enough to do about 1-1.5 hours of work a day before it needs to rest and refill the tank. Of course as luck would have it, as I'm heading out to use it for the first time, I get a hell of a cramp in my leg.

Had to be carried back into town and get a doc to look at it. Course I just tell them to get me a massage, something for the pain, and I will be good to go. Next thing I know, there's Gander mumbling something about my caterwalling and I'm out like a dark side.

I come to, got injection spots on my arm, and sticks tied to my leg. Doc told me no heavy work for an hour. He was a new guy fresh out the box, can't blame him for not knowing me that well. That rig works like a dream!

So me and the other two passed the rig around with whoever is working. It works best on the minerals and soft substances. I am also more proficient with it than the others.

Quake finally hit, stirred up the clickers while I was out mining. Me and Jo have to repair three buildings now. Lots of resources and time, but not impossible.

So now I'm on the Medina council... Who would of seen that one coming?
Grant asked me who I would like to name as my representative for mining and resources. I honestly couldn't think of any person that wasn't an engineer that had my proficiencies that I knew well enough. So I threw my own name in the hat and I guess they liked it. They want me to name a second, but my "crew" is nothing but scoundrels and thieves that happen to know how to hit a rock the right way to be effective.

I may not be the most honest person out here myself, but at least I can plan, follow directions mostly, and QUANTIFY! Oh, and I have a mining rig!

((Remember that all journal entries are considered OOC unless we have set something up for RP purposes.))

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Question on the use of the BOOMco guns and their stick darts. The darts have a soft enough tip, but the body of the darts are slightly hard plastic.

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Hello colonists and fellow players,

I'm David and play Teh'Roh in game. One of the miners of Medina and the source of that metal pinging sound from the rocks in the field all day long.

As a LARPer I draw a hard line between in character (IC) and out of character (OCC). Teh'Roh will probably come off as rude, standoffish, brash, or unstable to many people. That is how I want him to be in game and is in no way a full reflection of me as an individual.

If you have an issue in game. Rest assured you can come to me at anytime and talk with me about it. I have no issues going from IC to OCC in a heartbeat if it means us working through your issues so you can enjoy the rest of the game. This is what I'm here for.

I only recently moved to Austin and have been exploring the LARP scene as much as I can. I originally came from a game called Amtgard which is a combat LARP designed as a fast paced reflex sport. When I discovered Dystopia Rising, I quickly adopted it as my go to LARP and new community. I have been with DR for two years now, met great people, and learned about PF from there and now do both DR and PF.

I am excited to see and experience what is in store for all of us going into the Beta games! I love this new way of LARPing that our benevolent GMs have brought us and technology involved.

My goals and intentions:

  • To help support all players and make sure all voices are heard. New players and veterans alike, no single voice is greater than another's.

  • To help the staff from the players point of view. I will be one of three voices for the players when it comes to post game development meetings. I will make sure your complaints and suggestions are heard and will help to be a mediator of players to staff.

  • To help encourage the safe and friendly atmosphere and community that is welcoming, helpful, and accepting to everyone. We are in this together, and together we will make this the community we love.

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So, for all the work us miners were doing yesterday, I was given some of the prepped meat rations to keep us going. While eating it, I couldn't help but notice it was super bland.

I'm no great cook, but how hard is it to toss some salt and pepper on some meat? If we're going to be taking the time to cook, why not add some seasonings and make this crap taste good?

I'll have to ask Dr. Strauss if it will be any better for our bodies or not. It's not like were using Salt for anything except preservation right now anyway.


So, the good doctor thought it was a grand idea and went even further about adding it to the water as well. When she went to doublecheck her notes with a spire drone, I shared the news with Gander.


He proceeded to chew my ass out about how that was a waste of time and resources. Anyone mining salt could be mining something more beneficial or doing something more productive. I tried to argue back that we are only researching the possibilities and that ANY data holds value. His obstinateness knows no limits.

Then a tech doct comes up, expresses her extreme interest in that research and wanted to know how long until I could get a few units of salt for testing.

SUDDENLY GANDER IS TOTALLY ON BOARD with that whole project and expressing to the tech docts what a great idea they had.

It literally took everything I had for me to not shoot him on the spot. On a side note, Salt crumbles too easily to get enough aggression out. Platinum on the other hand, now there is a worthy workout...

So, to finish this up, we now have some pretty tasty meat that's good for moral and a saline solution to treat intense dehydration, which is good cause I don't remember the last time I took a piss... or felt a need to...

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Started the day by looking for all the resources. There looks to of been some form of ground shifting or settling that has buried some of our ores, but uncovered them in new locations. Joseph is accompanying me in this trip this time. He is useful in many ways.

Got the map made and turned in to Grant. We got some new admins in on today's drop, so back to projects everywhere. Windmills, food, water, etc... All this amounts to is that me and Joseph will be busy as fuck.

Misha is busy doing stuff with planners, so thankfully he has left me alone on resources mostly. Have to talk with Aza about getting food... She's in charge of dishing food out and all she's been giving people is water. That's fine for hydration, but not for us miners who use our arms constantly.


And of course nobody talks to anyone and projects have changed like three times in the space of a few hours.

It bothers me a great deal when people come and request me to gather supplies, but can never tell me exactly how much they need. This shows an alarming lack of planning. Projects need a clear set of objectives from point A to point B with clear data along all points. How else can you tell if a project is worthwhile?

So the new tech docterins members seem to know what they are doing. They have gotten the water filtration system on a new direction. It's good to have fresh ideas in the colony.

The rain has halted any mining that could be done, so I had to turn my attention inwards to the colonies projects. Questions people could not answer:

  • How many "Boots on ground"
  • How many colonists we SHOULD be providing for
  • How much in water rations one person needs in one day
  • WAS the limestone filtration pump setup truly sustainable?

After getting some asses in gear, and nearly smacking Misha, we have an official number for now. Data and projections need numbers to go on for crying out loud! As a tech doct, you think he would understand that. In the end, we confirmed that we need to stop using limestone ASAP. On a weekly basis we are looking at hundreds and hundreds of units of limestone!

We can produce it, that's no issue, we are just very concerned about depleting our surface supply. There is most likely more below the surface I can get to, but I need more mining equipment if I'm to go lower. If only I could... To exchange this hot sun for cool dark recesses below the surface.

The tech docts have their plans for their shit mold stuff. I don't care what it does, as long as it gets us off this dependency of limestone.

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