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Nerf Strongarm is a six-shot, single-action pistol. Class C, I think.

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Sizing now looks reasonable on my high-end screen (Xperia Z3).

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Okay, it looks like the vast majority of the remainder are spoken for. What little is left I can load up and drop off myself, at some point.

They did say that if we want to lay those on bare earth, a ground-cloth and some defoliant underneath might not be a bad idea.

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Cool. Folks who are showing up: I intend to get there around 8PM.

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There are a large number of tennis court flooring panels (approximately 5 piles the size of the two in the picture below) sitting at the Burner warehouse which is about 20 minutes from the site. If the props team wants them, I am lead to believe that they are free for the taking, though it would be best to pick them up during the Wednesday evening get together, just so everyone knows what's happening. I'd prefer to try getting them with one or more trucks, but they're just narrow enough that I think they'll fit in the back of my Honda Fit (though numerous enough that I'd prefer not to do it alone).

Bonus points: we may be able to recruit the Burners as players.

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(OOC: That last line just makes this report. +1)

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