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I can add to the list of consumables...

Medinan Yam (Raw)
Hunger: 2-4
Energy: 2-4
Focus: 0-2
Morale: (-3)-0

Brewed Coffee
Energy: 5-10
Hydration: 1-4
Morale: 5-10

Red Lotus Distillate
Created by consuming 5 Red Lotus
Morale: 5-20
Focus: (-15)-(-10)
Health: (-1)-0

Vapor Fluid
Morale: 3-5
Energy: 5-8
Focus: 5-8

Brewed Synth Coffee
Created by consuming 1 Instasynth Coffee and 2 Purified Water
Morale: 1-5
Energy: 5-10
Hydration: 1-4

Purified Water
Hydration: 5-10

So we still need melons and brewed tea.

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I come from the Park of Cedars. And through Meadows and past The Woodlands, my path has led…and through the mud! I am he who walks as a ghost. I am virus hunter. Daughter-daddy. Disaster-cleaver. Plan-maker.

But you can call me Clint…or Volker Geist if we’re on Medina. I’m a 38-year old husband, father of one, disaster preparedness consultant, and epidemiologist.

Planetfall is the only persistent LARP I play, and I want to help make it as fun and drama-free as possible! Regarding this goal, I see the Player’s Council as a facilitator for ensuring the following key tenets:
• Safety
• Community
• Advocacy

To have fun, we need a playing environment that is both physically and emotionally safe. It entails making sure everyone is aware of and follows safety guidelines. It also entails identifying and addressing potential hazards. And a root cause analysis might be in order if someone gets hurt. These are shared responsibilities between the Game Staff and players alike.

To have fun, we need a supportive, diverse player community that encourages creative interactive play. Let’s strive for in game inclusivity and out of game fellowship. One player should never have to forfeit their fun due to the actions or goals of another.

And to have fun, we need to work with, not against, the Game Staff. The players and Game Staff need to understand and communicate effectively with each other. If problems arise, let’s ensure all sides are heard and represented. Likewise, if people have great ideas and feedback, let’s compile and share that shit!

For a career, I facilitate meetings, plan, train, liaison between clients and stakeholders, manage projects, evaluate agencies' response capabilities, and design and conduct disaster exercises. I’ve also served in leadership positions for past organizations (i.e. President of the UT Houston Health Science Center School of Public Health Student Governance Organization and member of the Board of Directors of Stagewright, Inc.—a non-profit that taught theater to potentially at-risk youths). These skills and experiences seem to be complementary to possible roles of the Player’s Council. So let me be your personal Jedi to help ensure emotion, yet peace; ignorance, yet knowledge; passion, yet serenity; and chaos, yet harmony. Vote Pedro!...err…CLINT!

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I'll add the Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 (N-Strike Series) as a Class B Firearm:

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Interesting...The extent of the misinformation is disturbing. I'll have to speak once again with my sources.

I'd join you on your trip to the pod, but I fear I lack the skill in hiking that you require. Speed and safety to you. Though truthfully, I'm not sure I agree with your participation in this expedition. In my opinion, you are too important to our colony to risk on such endeavors.

I'll be sure to keep an eye on the fermentation experiment. With luck, we'll uncover some promising results.

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Is this the pod that's been discussed in conjunction with a shipment of agricultural supplies? I had planned to lead an expedition there to explore the possibility of establishing a temporary farming commune (since we don't currently have the means to transport heavy equipment and supplies great distances). However, if the intel shared with me was false, and the pod is but wreckage, then I will exert my energies elsewhere.

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Hopefully, it will confuse them just long enough, so I can throw my bow at them.

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And don't worry...I'll make sure my clicker chitin cod piece hides my man bits.

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With summer coming, I, for one, am really looking forward to painting my body blue and wearing a spiked loin cloth (with poncho, of course).

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