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From a combat stand point I'm interested in the lighting test as well. I had attempted a very small scale version of this to help set up a trap alongside Boomer. I have a flashlight that can blink, so I tossed it out to see if they would move towards it while Boomer set up to hit them...but I did not see the results as a Tah-Tonka bull rushed me from the back before I could watch the reaction.

As for the fire part, I would like to know if they are at the very least afraid of fire. I have the training to help take care of the explosion part but I am uneasy with the methane deposits being not 100% mapped out. If nothing else this might be a great project to get the science and the soldiers working together. I would be willing to lead a recon team with a group of scientist to possibly scout out a spot that the light and fire test could be done in relative safety.

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Thank you all for the feedback it does help.

First aid kit I got covered
Demolition I have a C4 looking block with a timer on it...does that work?
weapons I have and have painted to help with immersion
drop box I picked up today
Dead rags I have all over, I played airsoft for 2 years...and sometimes find time to play nowadays but its rare, thanks for that heads up though.
I have a spot on my tac-belt for a water bottle I tend to keep re-filling as the event goes on.

Is the free form at the event site? I will see if I can make that as I need to find out what rank I technically am and anything last minute I might need to know.

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So I will be dropping in for the game on January 9th and am excited but also being my first game I have no amount of questions that I feel will be answered better during the game but basically I'm curious what all I need character wise to start off? I've read the basics and understand but just seeing if there are any people who might have good suggestions for certain areas. I'm looking forward to seeing some faces I have a good feeling I know.

My character is heavy military with going all the way to being in the special unit life path. There is a lot of lore to read and am trying but some of it simply gets confusing when reading instead of talking lol. My character has Firearms 3, Demolitions 1, first aid 1, and others but this doesn't feel like the place to ramble off everything about me. My understanding by what the website with my skills and my phone app is that I can have a primary and a sidearm, and can have 300 rounds which I'm not sure I have that many darts but I'm guessing the idea is reusing fired ones.

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